Sunday, 26 January 2014

Update on the Dura-San

By minimising the skill level required for latrine construction, the Dura-San is a complete pour-flush latrine package that allows customers to assemble their product much like a kit of Lego. No longer reliant on the long-exhausted mason led approach to latrine construction, this innovation is comprised of interlocking, pre-cast concrete components, resulting in a quick, simple assembly process in which the final quality is guaranteed. The standardised manufacturing process makes for an attractive investment for entrepreneurs, while customers feel more comfortable purchasing a brand of toilet that is clean, affordable, long lasting, and a stress free investment.

Since constructing the first prototype in October, some final technical issues have been solved and we are now ready to push the Dura San into the urban markets alongside Water For People's business development service providers. The better understand bottlenecks in the construction process,  the Dura San will be built for our 10 tiger toilets.

Without compromising on the fundamental concepts behind this innovation, we've added a pour flush option, which comes at little added cost. A pour flush is water borne, so is much cleaner, as well as being odour and fly free. We've decided to use the system that was testing during our fake poo flushing experiments. We've also added a pitch to the roof to improve its aesthetic appeal, while developing a pre fabricated door and frame with a sub-contractor who works locally to our first latrine making factory in Kampala - TurnKey Industries. Finally, like any innovative new product, branding and communication material is necessary to share the benefits of the Dura San. The following images were created by Josh Bellman - an architect I studied with at Bath University.

Figure 2: Pour Flush System is also mortarless

Figure 3: Close up of the latrine's interlock concrete blocks which provide it's strength

Figure 4: Exploded diagram of the entire latrine

Figure 5: Section 

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